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The Owambo Region

A vast flat landscape, typified by oshanas (flat shallow depressions) characterised by huge spreading trees and stands of makalani palm and herds of cattle.

The major portion consists of communal farming land where the majority of the inhabitants live from subsistence farming, mainly agriculture. Life depends on the seasonal floods that feed the rivers and oshanas many of which light up with white lilies soon after they have filled with water.

 General information and & tips on the area:

  • A one or two night stay depending on your interests in the area.
  • The only hotels are found in the two main towns of Ondangwa & Oshakati.
  • It is best to visit after the rain season, due to the nature of the terrain areas get flooded.
  • Tourism is virtually non-existent although the area is rich in cultural and historical tradition.
  • This region can be experienced when driving north of Etosha on route to Opuwo or vise versa.
  • The Nakambale Museum or a guided excursion to sites of interest such as Oponono Lake, Omandongo Mission Station and the Ombagu grass plains.  Visitors are treated to traditional Owambo food, music and dancing.  A good area to learn about the culture first hand is to visit the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Homestead at Tsandi – one of the few traditional kingdoms that still exist.