Bushmanland (Tsumkwe)

Home to the Bushman or San People. The earliest known inhabitants of Namibia are the San (Bushmen).  They are hunter gatherers who have roamed the vast plains of Southern Africa for thousands of years before migrants drove them further and further east into the Kalahari Desert.  The wealth of rock paintings and engravings found in mountains and hills through the country bear witness to their former habitation.  Renowned storytellers they express themselves eloquently in prose, music, mimicry and dance.

General information and & tips on the area:

  • A minimum two or three night stay is recommended.
  • One lodge in Tsumkwe and four tented camps situated in the surrounding area.
  • Visit a people whose way of life is vanishing.
  • Tours in the area demonstrate skills such as tracking and food gathering, sharing their knowledge of local customs and beliefs.  Learn about their culture through demonstrations of what it takes to survive in the wild armed with a bow and arrow, a digging stick and an intimate knowledge of the environment passed down for generations.
  • If traveling through Khaudum Game Park a minimum of two 4 wheel drive vehicles is required, allow for two nights in the park, only campsites available
  • A distinctive tree found in the area is the baobab.