Experience nature as it was intended with a Zimbabwe safari holiday

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most beautiful natural sites in the world. Located between neighbouring countries, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa, Zimbabwe is a landlocked haven of lush tropical rainforest, majestic mountain peaks and waterfalls and some of Africa’s native wildlife species. A Zimbabwe safari holiday is a memorable experience, and Namibia Travel Connection can assist you in planning that holiday right now.

With a backdrop of exaggerated contrasts, from dry arid rock lands to flourishing grasslands, Zimbabwe is where you can experience the different faces of nature first hand and up close. The country is home to the well-known Victoria Falls, the world’s largest natural waterfall that draws masses of new tourists to Zimbabwe every season. Zimbabwe also has a rich cultural history, and the friendly spirit of Zimbabwean ancestors can easily be recognised in the people living in the area today as they proudly welcome new guests with their hospitality.

The Namibia Travel Connection is a leading travel and tour operator in Namibia, specialising in standard and tailor-made tours to Zimbabwe and other African holiday destinations. Our passion for exploring beautiful holiday destinations, whether luxury or safari, paired with our longstanding experience has left us with a legion of satisfied globe trotters.

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Must-see attractions in Zimbabwe

Namibia Travel Connection offers travelers a first-class sight-seeing tour of the several attractions of the beautiful Zimbabwe. Below is a sneak peak of what you may experience.

  • The Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe  

With a width of 2.5km, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe offer some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Described as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls drops 108 metres down into the Zambezi Gorge and the spray of the waterfall can be seen from up to 30 kilometres away. There is an overwhelming ambience that one experiences when standing before the magnificent curtain of falling water during rainy seasons that can only be fully understood by those who have experienced a Victoria Falls safari holiday.

  • Lake Kariba Zimbabwe 

Nestled between a series of mountain peaks, the placid Lake Kariba stagnates in all its glory. The Lake is a popular destination for many trawlers and fishermen on safari with the hopes of reeling in a big tigerfish. Also, there are many species of Game that roam the area and elephants can often be seen bathing in the lake. With over 1 000 kilometres of shoreline, Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe is the heart of entertainment for both travelers and locals. It provides relaxation along the shoreline, sports in the form of fishing and adventure all year round.

  • The Hwange National Park 

The Hwange National Park is where many examples of Africa’s wildlife can be spotted. The Park is home to vast numbers of endangered animal species such as elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and a varied collection of bird species. When visiting Zimbabwe, one cannot leave without stopping over at the Hwange; the picturesque view of the ancient fossil and sand dunes that is unique to the area is a must-see for all nature lovers. Namibia Travel Connection offers guests to experience the raw beauty of the Park on horseback safari to get a taste of the true African spirit.

Types of accommodation in Zimbabwe

When spending the night in and around Zimbabwe, there are many places at which you can rest your head. There are numerous tented camps and bush lodges in all major tourist locations for those who are seeking the full African experience, as well as lavish five-star hotels for those who have chosen the Zimbabwe safari luxury holiday package.

  • Hotels – Many of the hotels in Zimbabwe are rated among the best accommodation venues in the world. Set in tranquil environments around iconic settings such as the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe hotels provide guests with all-star treatment in luxurious rooms and suites overlooking the picturesque scenery. Hotels in Zimbabwe are also an ideal place to accommodate business groups attending conferences, meetings and teambuilding excursions.
  • Safari camps, tented camps and bush lodges – Nestled in between rich tropical rainforests, lush grassland and open plains one will find several safari camps, tented camps and bush lodges that provide guests with rustic accommodation in which they can experience Africa’s naturalness. There are many camps and lodges situated at all major sight-seeing locations and camp sizes vary. These camps and lodges offer a level of seclusion and privacy in the heart of the natural world.
  • Island resorts – What most people are unaware of about Zimbabwe is the many islands that are strewn across the country’s lakes and rivers. On these islands as well as on the banks of the rivers and lakes, a number of water lodges and island resorts are available for accommodation. The resorts offer elegant dining in charming settings and a number even offer private plunge pools. Day and night safari tours can be taken from this island accommodation and Namibia Travel Connection can arrange transport to and from your resort.
  • Guest houses – Travellers looking for a hotel experience without being entirely excluded from the wilderness should consider accommodation at the many self-catering guest houses in Zimbabwe. Most of these guest houses offer rates that include lodging and breakfast and even laundry services on request. While you’ll be thrilled with the natural wonders that surround many of these guest houses, you’ll also appreciate the TV and other luxury items present in the guest houses if you become a little homesick.

Namibia Travel Connection makes travelling to Zimbabwe safe and easy

Travelling to a foreign country is exciting because you get to experience a new lifestyle, culture and scenery in a part of the world that is different to your home country. Namibia Travel Connection is experienced in planning tour routes to Zimbabwe and will provide you with all the information you need to make your Zimbabwe safari holiday as safe and memorable as possible. Our standard tours offer the best of each area while our tailor-made safari tours allow you to pick your most desired locations within Zimbabwe. Contact a tour consultant at Namibia Travel Connection now to start your Zimbabwe safari holiday to one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.