Kaokoland in Namibia

This area which also falls within the Kunene region, is an area of desert, rugged mountain ranges, ephemeral rivers, the perennial Kunene River, Epupa Falls and home to the Himba people’.

It is a world of incredible mountain scenery, a refuge for the rare desert dwelling elephant, black rhino and giraffe and the home of the Himba people. The Himba are a slender and statuesque people. The women especially are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, enhanced by intricate hairstyles and traditional adornments.

General information and & tips on the area:

  • A two night stay at least.
  • A variety of lodges in the area who offer activities such as:  nature walks, nature dives, kayaking and visits to the local community.
  • The Himba people, nomads of Herero origin who still dress according to ancient customs and traditions.
  • The Kunene River forms the border between north-western Namibia and Angola.
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles are needed for exploring the remote north-western part, areas such as Marienfluss and Hartmann Valleys.
  • Visitors are asked to show consideration towards the inhabitants and wildlife in these areas.