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Lüderitz is a harbour town and was founded in 1883,  when Angra Pequena and some of the surrounding land was purchased on behalf of Adolf Lüderitz, from the local Nama chief. Lüderitz began its life as a trading post, with other activities in fishing and guano-harvesting. In 1909, after the discovery of diamonds nearby, Lüderitz enjoyed a sudden surge of prosperity. Today, however, diamonds are mostly found elsewhere and offshore.

General information and & tips on the area:

  • Either a one or two night stay depending on your interests in the area.
  • Hotels and pensions offer a variety of accommodation.
  • The town is known for its colonial architecture, including some Art Nouveau work.
  • Home to a wide variety of aquatic birds including seals, penguins, flamingos.
  • Day tours into the forbidden Diamond Area to view Bogenfels (55m high rock arch), Elizabeth Bay(diamond mine and ghost town) and the seal colony atAtlasBay, explore the ghost town of Pomonaand the legendary valley of Marchental(fairy-tale valley where early prospectors collected diamonds by moonlight).  Permits are required so early booking is essential.
  • Visit the ghost town of Kolmanskopon route either into or out of the town – In 1908 a railway worker found the first diamond, this sparked a diamond rush and the town reached its pinnacle in the early 20’s.  When richer diamond deposits were discovered in Oranjemund the town was abandoned and today’s crumbling ruins bear little resemblance to its former glory.