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Unforgettable Mozambique safari and beach holidays

Mozambique’s stunning beaches, excellent diving, magical offshore islands pristine coastline, tropical climate and diverse wildlife serve as an attractive holiday destination for travellers annually. Opportunities for Mozambique fishing vacations abound in the country’s flourishing coastal towns, while tourists enjoy tropical island vacations in Mozambique where a variety of sporting fish can be found such as sailfish, blue and black marlin and king fish.  Regular sightings of Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles and other teeming marine life such as turtles, dolphins and dungong are seen. The shore and islands provide good birding opportunities.

Lion, leopard, elephant, hippopotamus, buffalo and crocodile roam in the country’s national parks where Mozambique safari group tours are successful, and where some of the richest natural flora grows. Home to some of friendliest people on the continent, Mozambique truly is the land of smiles, and those who leave its sunny shores carry away new smiles with them.

Namibia Travel Connection arranges Mozambique safari and beach holidays that range from luxury fly-in safaris to self-drive Mozambique holiday itineraries; it all depends on what requirements you have for your safari holidays in Mozambique. We also specialise in business holiday destinations and conferencing, and can arrange Mozambique safari group tours for business colleagues. Contact us to embark on unforgettable Mozambique group & individual safari tours with Namibia Travel Connection.

Tropical island vacations and city retreats in Mozambique

One of the biggest draw cards in embarking on Mozambique beach holidays is its island and port city retreats. The following is a list of some of the country’s most sought-after city and island attractions:

  • The Bazaruto Archipelego – Bazaruto Island

Family vacations in Bazaruto create memories for life as this island contains a wide variety of rare birds, fresh water strips, white sand dunes and breathtaking views. Offering exhilarating large game fishing, Bazaruto Island is also a popular diving destination, owing to the rich coral and marine life that surrounds its shores. Facilities for family vacations on Bazaruto include lodges and resorts that cater to world-class accommodation and entertainment tastes.

  • The Bazaruto Archipelego Benguerra Island

A neighbouring island to Bazaruto, and equally alluring, Benguerra provides a combination of forest and wetland areas that attract wildlife, while the surrounding coral reefs provide opportunity for snorkelling, diving and fishing. A two-mile reef to the east of Benguerra yields a pool known as the Aquarium, and which thrives with tropical fish and colourful corals. Tourist facilities include up-market lodges and resorts that are geared towards making Benguerra Island extension vacations matchless in luxury.

  • The Quirimbas

The magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago in Northern Mozambique is a captivating chain of 32 coral islands, which are probably the richest corals in the world, providing breath-taking views of the abundant array of the marine life that Mozambique has to offer.  Quirimbas Archipelago is the most southern island out of the 11 islands and is a vast expanse of mainland forest are included in the Quirimbas National Park – a conservation effort to preserve and protect the area. This area is noted for the size of its reef fish, with parrotfish, angelfish cave bass, morays, and others all reaching exceptional sizes.

  • Inhambane

Inhambane is in Southern Mozambique and is the country’s premier tourist destination.  Scuba diving in Inhambane is amongst the best in the world, with reefs close to every beach, including the world famous Manta Reef and Gallaria. Regular sightings of Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles and other teeming marine life are the norm.

  • Vilanculo

In the heart of a Mozambique along its jagged coastline, is place where an endless amount of time can be spent lying peacefully on sandy white beaches staring over emerald water at tropical islands.  The coral reefs are profuse with a diversity of tropical fish and turtles, and are amongst the most pristine in the Western Indian Ocean. Dolphins are seen year round and whales are seasonal visitors to the Archepelago. The park is also home to the last viable population of dugong on the east African coast.

  • Beira City

The port city of Beira, which is the capital of Sofala Province on the Mozambique Channel, is a destination not to be missed when you’re planning Mozambique beach holidays. The best entertainment spots in Beira include Macuti beach and Tofo beach, which provide some of the most celebrated panoramas in the country.

  • Maputo City

The capital city of Mozambique, Maputo is steeped in history from all those who have travelled to and settled in this beautiful and laid-back city. Sights such as the Railway Station, Mercado Central market, colourful Avenida Julius Nyerere and the National Art Museum provide days of entertainment in this bustling city. Nearby beaches such Catembe and Ponta d’Ouro provide a chance for relaxation in the sun.

Mozambique beach holidays with Namibia Travel Connection

Choose from cheap vacations to Mozambique where accommodation is comfortable and you can focus on outdoor activities such as swimming with dolphins snorkelling, scuba diving and big game fishing and deep-sea diving. If you prefer luxury island holidays in Mozambique seclusion, select your type of holiday from a variety of world-class resorts that provide a cornucopia of seafood delights to suit any palette.

  • Mozambique private fly-in safaris – As long as there is an airstrip, Namibia Travel Connection will fly you there. Enjoy tropical island vacations in Mozambique and allow us to arrange your safe passage between this country’s utopian islands.
  • Mozambique private guided safaris – Namibia Travel Connection provides Mozambique individual safari tours, during which you can appreciate the abundance of big game, bird and plant life in this untamed country accompanied by Namibia Travel Connection’s experienced guides.
  • Mozambique culture & wildlife safaris – Get to know the outlying areas of Mozambique, and enjoy the uncultivated aspects of Mozambique. holiday trips and safaris, where the wild animals roam.
  • Mozambique business and conference safaris – For those seeking Mozambique holiday itineraries for business colleagues, Namibia Travel Connection provides excellent conference venues and business accommodation if you wish to entertain and educate employees in a restful and beautiful setting.
  • Mozambique honeymoon hideaways: For couples who enjoy a taste of adventure and outdoor living, Mozambique combines high-class accommodation with a host of activities such as snorkelling, deep-sea diving and surfing – all under a warm African sky.

Mozambique accommodation resorts and lodges

Mozambique caters for all kind of travellers – from those who like a more rustic establishment wild camping with communal ablutions – to those who prefer luxury island resorts with freshly laundered bedding. Depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for, you can choose from thatched camps and self-catering chalets to luxurious island retreats. guest farms, lodges and hotels, where luxury facilities are close at hand. A fly-in safari in particular includes a combination of accommodation in comfortable hotels, lodges, guest farms and tented camps.

Mozambique tourism

Although not a heavily industrialised country, Mozambique relies on its tourism for income. Owing to its rich natural resources, Mozambicans are proud of its long coastline of the Indian Ocean, which draws scuba divers, sailors, beach-goers and fishermen to the country year after year. Popular tourism destinations include the capital Maputo, Beira the port city, Vilanculo, Inhambane, The Quirimbas and The Bazaruto Archipelego. and Pemba in the north.

Outstanding Mozambique holiday trips and safaris with Namibia Travel Connection

Water attractions, big game, bird viewing, historical landmarks and panoramic views make Mozambique beach holidays a time of healthy sand, sea and sun for the whole family. Namibia Travel Connection arranges fly-in safaris as well as accommodated tours and adventure safaris throughout Mozambique for families, honeymooners and business colleagues. Contact Namibia Travel Connection today for assistance with planning your beach holidays or fishing vacations.