Sossusvlei and Namib Desert

Towering waves of sand their warm hues ranging from apricot to orange, red & maroon –  the highest dunes in the oldest desert.

Enclosed by a sea of sand a lake glistens deep down in the valley of dunes – this is where the seasonal TsauchabRiverends which, lined by trees, meanders through the dunes from the east.  As Sossusvlei the river’s course to the sea is blocked by the highest dunes on earth.  The Namib Desert– pale green shrubs and trees on the banks of dry rivers against the backdrop of mountains of sand.  A sea of dunes surges in the west, while in the east vast plains stretch out to distant mountains.

General information and & tips on the area:

  • A two night stay.
  • A wide variety of lodges and guest farms who offer activities such as:  nature drives to
  • Sossusvlei,DeadVlei & SesriemCanyon, hot air balloon flights, scenic flights, quad biking trails, walks and hikes.
  • Endemic species such as the golden mole, dune lark, fog basking beetle and the shovel-snouted lizzard – a living desert.
  • It rarely happens and only after abundant rainfalls that the clay pan of Sossusvlei fills  with water.
  • The Namib Naukluft Park is one ofAfrica’s largest conservation areas, Sossusvlei & Sesriem fall within this park.
  • Dead Vlei with its dry branches of dead camel thorn trees rise towards the sky.
  • SesriemCanyonis so narrow that it gives shade even at midday.
  • Entrance gates into the park open at sunrise and close at sunset, permits are required which can be purchased on site.
  • Bordering the Park is the Namib Rand Nature Reserve, the particular attraction is its diversity of different desert landscapes, representing all facets of theNamib Desert.
  • A region of colourful sands and sunsets.


The Naukluft section of the park was created to serve as a sanctuary for Hartmann’s mountain zebra.  With its massive and varied rock formations this area is a complete contrast to that of theNamib Desert.

  • A one or two night stay depending on your interests.
  • A few lodges and guest farms in the area who offer walking, hiking and nature drives. Aside from the canyons and plateau trails there are several perennial springs each in its own unique surrounding.
  • An excellent area for geology and paleontology.