The Erongo Area

One of the most environmentally diverse and rewarding landscapes in Namibia.

In the heart of Namibia lies a special wilderness area, encircled by the Erongo Mountains, where the desert, mountain, and bushveld ecosystems combine.  In terms of endemic species the Erongo environment is one of Namibia’s hotspots as it host a vast array of endemic or near-endemic plant, reptile, mammal and bird species.

General information and & tips on the area:

  • A two night stay.
  • A variety of lodges and guest farms in the area who offer activities:  nature drives & walks, visits to bushman paintings and rock engravings.
  • Omaruru  produces hand made chocolates, brandy, wines and Schanpps.
  • The Brandberg is famous for the rock painting known as the White Lady.
  • Endemic species include the Angolan dwarf python, White-tailed Shrike, Hartlaub’s Francolin, Ruppell’s Parrot, Damara Rockrunner and Hartmann’s zebra.