Guest Book

It is always a pleasure to receive feedback from guests who have traveled with Namibia Travel Connection. Many of you have now fallen in love with Namibias wide open spaces, incredible wildlife, lodges and friendly people. Here are some comments we have received from our guests….

Lawrence White

We have been back in Dubai safe and well for a week now and just wanted to extend a big thank you for arranging our trip which was very, very enjoyable. You did a great job, the City Lodge was good, very friendly, good food, accommodation, the transfer people were good, Mjejane was bloody lovely, quite superb really.

Keep well, we will be sure to get in touch when next we decide to come to Africa. In the interim should any of our friends wish to visit, we`ll be sure to pass on you details. Take care and best regards

R de Pembroke

We are back to France after a very nice travel in Namibia . Thank you for your good job . all was very good except the first rented car , it was a  to old car and you must talk with Budget about that I think !!!

The second was in  very good condition and much more comfortable .

Frank Levasseur

Many thanks for having organized our wonderful trip through Namibia. It was beautiful and very interesting.

Mrs Kathy Caddy and Mr Keith Caddy

We love Namibia. It is a beautiful country with such varied and wonderful scenery and wildlife. Our guide Dayne Braine has been incredible throughout our entire trip. His knowledge is phenomenal. It is not just his knowledge that has made this trip excellent however, it is the type of person he is. Nothing has been too much trouble for him. It really was a stress free holiday for us as his organization and timing of everything was perfect. He was unstinting with his time. He was also great company and we will miss him when we get home.

We were delighted too Sabina, with your planning and organization of our trip, from our very first contact with you up to the day we left. You were always polite and prompt to reply to our many questions – thank you.

We are very pleased we picked your company as you have been so kind and helpful all the way through.

We enjoyed all the lodges / hotels / B&B’s.

There were so many wonderful things about this holiday, it is one we will never forget.

Thank you for everything.


I chatted to Michelle Rigby yesterday and she said they had the most amazing family trip and absolutely loved Namibia and all that they did.  Accommodation was perfect as well as the activities they booked and they so appreciated their meet and greet when they arrived.

Thank you so much Lize and Marion for all your had work on this booking. 

Gerd Schwannen-Simons

Wir haben gerade noch einmal an unserem letzten Urlaub gedacht, da wir ja eigentlich auch jetzt  wieder in Namibia gewesen wären, was ja leider durch Corona nicht geklappt hat. Daher hoffen wir sehr das es dir gut geht.

Wir möchten uns auf jeden Fall nochmal für die gute Organisation bedanken. Es war echt eine tolle Reise, auch Dank deiner empfohlenen Unterkünfte und Planung. Auch nochmal Danke für deine persönliche Übergabe mit all den Tips.

Marco Fent

Noch immer denken wir viel und gerne an unsere Ferien in Namibia zurück, welche Du so perfekt für uns organisiert hast!

Unsere beiden “Jungs” haben inzwischen aus den über 5000 Fotos und mehreren Duzend Videos je einen Film erstellt. Vielleicht hast Du Zeit und Lust, diese beiden “Werke” anzusehen:

Ist ja gewissermassen auch ein Werbespot für Deine Arbeit 😊.

Wir hoffen sehr, dass wir bald einmal wieder ins südliche Afrika reisen können. Wir wissen ja jetzt, wo wir uns für eine Buchung melden können!


I would like to thank you again for all your help. Thanks to you our trip was the best ever and Namibia is magic.

You will definitively see us again!

Elvira Saretzky & Michael Pioch

Hallo Marion,

In den letzten Tagen habe ich die Reisemappe von unserem Trip wiedergefunden. Das veranlasst uns, dir noch einmal zu danken.

Es war eine tolle Reise. Du hattest alles für uns geplant und super ausgeführt. Obwohl du nicht soviel Zeit dafür hattest, weil wir erst so spät gebucht haben, war es großartig. 

Die Lodges und Camps waren sehr gut. Die Reiseunterlagen waren uns eine große Hilfe.

Die Übergabe der Reiseunterlagen, mit deinen Erkärungen und deine Tipps haben uns so manchesmal geholfen.

Die Kommunikation auf deutsch machte es uns auch einfach, unsere Wünsche für die Reise zu besprechen. Deine Ergänzungen aus der Erfahrung herraus haben wir sehr gerne angenommen.

Wir hoffen bald wieder nach Namibia reisen zu dürfen.  Wenn das Coronavirus es erlaubt. Dann kommen wir gerne wieder auf dich zu um eine unvergessene Reise bei dir zu buchen.


Dear Silke,

Quick feedback on our vacation.

Thank you very much, all the places you recommended were awesome and we had a great time. The service was excellent everywhere, the route was perfect, we survived and enjoyed the gravel roads. Thanks for your great planning, we did not have any troubles with any of the bookings.

Totally a memorable experience.

Thanks & regards,


Lauren, Bradley, Blaise and Dragos

Dear Silke

I am embarrassed it has taken me so long to write to you.  My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our  heart, for all you and your work colleague ( Please thank her for us) did to make our holiday happen.  We were so excited for our trip , and all the planning and then to be stuck at the border, thinking we would have to go back, was terribly disappointing.   Thank you for all the effort, time and perseverance, and for all the hours spent at home affairs, (I know it is never pleasant) I don’t know many people who would do that for someone else . And then eventually getting us through.

We went on to have a most wonderful and memorable holiday.

Your kindness will never be forgotten.


Yours Faithfully

Lauren, Bradley, Blaise and Dragos.