Fish River Canyon in Namibia

The Fish River Canyon is seen as the largest canyon in Africa and second largest canyon on earth.

Its dimensions are enormous:  160km long, up to 27km wide and 500m deep.  Just as impressive is the period of time during in which it was formed:  350 million years ago.  When the ancient continent of Gondwana disintergrated 120 million years ago, theFishRiverstarted to dig deep into the ground to create its system of gorges.

General information and & tips on the area:

  • A surprising biodiversity of fauna and flora has evolved with a wide array of survival strategies, many of which are endemic such as the quiver tree and the halfmens.
  • Receives winter rainfall between July & September
  • Either a one or two night stay depending on your interests in the area.
  • A variety of lodges in the area who offer activities such as:  nature walks, nature drives, horse riding, 9-day horse riding trails and 5-7 day hikes in the Canyon with mules.
  • WhereAi-AisNational Parkmeets with theRichtersveldParkinSouth Africaat the Orange River, a new cross border conservation area has been proclaimed, theAi-Ais RichtersveldTransfrontierParkwith a new border post at Sendelingsdrif.
  • Day visitors are not allowed to access the floor or the Canyon at Hobas.
  • Entrance gates into the park open at sunrise and close at sunset, permits are required which can be purchased on site.
  • On route to or from the Kalahari visit the Giants Playground an outcrop of hills that resembles play bricks stacked by a giant child and the ‘Mesosaurus’ Fossil Site, a predecessor of the dinosaurs have been found – situated near the town of Keetmanshoop.