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Agostinella Ribero


Born in Namibia to true Italian parents, my passion for Africa and all its magic started at a very young age, when listening to my dad talk of his life experiences in many African countries.  Having grown up in Namibia and spent much time travelling around Namibia and its neighbouring countries, made me passionate  about our wildlife aswell as the many other facets Namibia and the African continent have to offer.

After my studies at the University of Cape Town, I returned to Namibia on holiday, and this was the beginning of a long road in Tourism.  In 1993 I started Namibia Travel Connection to bring guests to our wonderful Namibia and Southern Africa.  The beginning years saw me accompany many of our groups as Tour Guide, but later marketing and travel shows around the world took up much of my time.   As the years went by and we became more established our markets grew to the rest of Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA.

20 years down the line I am still the owner and am fully involved with the daily operations of Namibia Travel Connection, be it marketing, to assisting clients in creating their dream safari, to getting a safari off on the road.   Travelling with my husband and two young children through Southern Africa has also equipped me well to create unforgettable holidays for families travelling with young children.  First hand experience is always the best.

In the Travel and Tourism Industry one never gets bored as one deals with so many different people with all different backgrounds.  The beauty of my job is to bring my love for Namibia and Africa to our guests.  To let them experience what we are lucky to live with everyday – beautiful scenery, wide open spaces, interesting people and our much treasured wildlife.  Not only do I do my utmost to ensure that our guests have the holiday of a lifetime to Namibia or any other Southern African Country that they may book with us, but I also try to enlighten them of the plight of our endangered animals like the Black Rhino, the Big Cats aswell as the local populations living in the region.  To me it is important that  our guests live the real experience and end their holiday with the burning desire to return to Africa.  Our guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends !


Alberto Zardi

Main Guide and tour Consultant

I was born in Padova (Italy) 45 years ago in a concrete jungle surrounded by skycrapers, fog and pollution.

I developed a true passion for Africa at a very young age, still when reading comics and playing with toys. I would spend entire afternoons dreaming about endless landscapes and silence while watching the grey reality outside of my window on the 4th floor of a high building.

Years after years this passion became a “sweet obsession”, and I knew one day Africa will be my new home and dimension.


On the verge of the new millenium I took a trip to Namibia that changed completely my life.

What was reading in the several books of Wilbur Smith soon became my new world. I decided to quit with the western civilisation and embark on a new African life where the silence and the colors I was dreaming, were a reality now.

I travel to expand my knowledge and to fight prejudices that we might have deep inside our soul. Knowing new people, shaking hands, visiting unknown places is what make our personal baggage grow.

I love Namibia because I love Africa and working with N.T.C. gave me the possibility to spread the “African sickness”or as know in Italian “Il mal d’Africa” to as many people as possible travelling every year and willing to come back again to renew that contact with the continent that gave birth to mankind.

We at N.T.C. show Namibia through our eyes, through the eyes of whom lives the simplicity and the magnificence of this incredible country and continent every day.

Welcome to Africa, welcome home.

Sonja Truemper

Sonja Trümper


My name is Sonja Trümper.   I was born in Namibia and also grew up in Namibia. Namibia is a beautiful country with so many unique places.  Most definitely worth a trip!! In Namibia you have so much freedom and you are very close to nature.  This is why I live in Namibia.  Once you have travelled to Namibia or Africa, you will come back again!  That is for sure!  This also explains why I’m in travel.  We have the opportunity to bring Namibia closer to our guests!

To name a few places that are worthwhile visiting, they include the Fish River Canyon, the endless Dunes in the Namib Naukluft and Namib Desert.  And our freely living wildlife in the Etosha National Park. We offer to all our guests  a professional and personalized service.

Ich bin in Namibia geboren und aufgewachsen. Namibia, ein wunderbares Land mit so vielen schönen Orten, ist immer eine Reise wert! Wenn Sie unser Land einmal besucht haben, werden Sie mit Sicherheit schnell zurückkommen wollen! Wir bieten allen unseren Kunden personalisierten und professionellen Service. Meine Lieblingsspots sind in der namibischen Wüste einfach endlos! Zum Beispiel liebe ich den Etosha National Park, wo man viele Tiere in ihrem friedlichen Nebeneinander beobachten kann.


Irja Nangolo

Tour Consultant

I am Irja Nangolo born and bred in the northern part of Namibia in the village called Uukwandongo in the Ongandjera District. I went to school in towns like Oshakati, Omaruru and Windhoek were I Completed my Secondary School. The first time I heard about Tourism was when I was in grade 11 at Concordia College, everyone one talking about going to study travel & tourism. Yes then I joined the travel and Tourism students at the Polytech in 2009  and I started reading more about Tourism.

During my third year I had to go for internship and I sent out  emails to different companies and then that’s  how I came to NTC.  NTC gave me an excellent training on how to work with different people from different backgrounds and how to provide excellent services to clients. Namibia Travel Connection have committed tour consultants who works towards providing better and effective services to their clients. We provide well planned holidays to clients and are always ready to tackle on issues that may come our way. Namibia is  a beautiful country with a lot to see and explore.


Sabina Kausch

Tour Consultant

I was born in Johannesburg RSA, but our family moved to Namibia when I was a child, and bought a farm near the city of Windhoek. So from a young age I have enjoyed the outdoors and especially the opportunity to see and be near animals of all kinds! I’d like other people from all over the world to have the same experiences which I am so fortunate to have, and that is no doubt the main reason for me working in the tourism industry. Plus I get to meet people from all corners of the world, and learn a little about their lifestyles too.

Namibia is a gorgeous country, with wide open spaces and very few people. It is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and just be at peace – here you can completely escape the “concrete jungle”!. Whether you love amazing scenery, different cultures or wildlife, you will find it all here! For anyone wanting to come to Africa, Namibia is a great place to begin with its great infrastructure, low crime and friendly people. Africa is an amazing destination to see incredible animals and learn about different cultures, and should be on every travellers bucket list.

Namibia Travel Connection is a wonderful company to be a part of, we are a close team and passionate about making people’s holiday dreams come true. Although we are a small company, our experience and reliability are BIG! And we are a friendly bunch, keen to help our guests and each other. We really do go the extra mile to give guests their perfect holiday.